Welcome to the Helpless Homestead!

Tired of reading that you need loads of acres and bags of money to get started as a smallholding, we decided to ignore that and on a budget get a house with a little bit of land and then just wing it! So armed with a few gardening books, an old gardening fork and BIG ambitions we’re on a mission, but we need help and support!

The online world has been so kind and helpful to us already and we’re massively thankful for the support and advice we’ve received, so we thought we’d share it with everyone on our ‘Thanks to…‘ page.

If you’re thinking of doing something similar from putting chickens in your back garden to growing herbs in a window box then we say go for it! Take a gander at the website and hopefully they’ll be some useful tips or nuggets of advice that could help your on your own journey into the world of smallholding!

Right off to dig….

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