Welsh Mountain Cider

On the Helpless Homestead we’ve got a small patch that we’ve set aside as a mini apple orchard. When we wanted to find varieties of tree that would thrive in the wet and wild slopes of Corris we went to see Bill and Chava at the Welsh Mountain Orchard.

These guys specialise in growing trees in the exact conditions we’ve got, making them hardy and ready for planting. Bill and Chava had a wealth of knowledge about the trees and helped us select the best ones for our needs. We wanted a mixture of eating, cooking and, of course, cider apples.

Bill has written a book about growing apples and making cider which we’re using to make sure we don’t make any mistakes. So thanks guys. Once we’ve brewed our first batch of cider we’ll bring some over for you to try.

You can find out more here.

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