Tudful Tamworths

We met the lovely Liz Shankland on her smallholding and got to meet her flock of sheep and all her pigs. We spent ages asking her all about keeping pigs and learnt loads of handy facts. We even had a crash course in catching and carrying piglets as we had to get them in the dog crate in the back of our car – (the dogs weren’t in there with them!).

Liz has written the Haynes Pig Manual which has become our pig bible and as a parting gift she handed us some pork chops which were the tastiest we’ve ever had. If you fancy rearing some pigs contact Liz, her Tamworths have been a complete joy, really friendly and easy to look after. They don’t seem at all phased by the cold and wet Welsh weather and we’ll be genuinely really sad when ‘they move on’.


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