The Best Birds!

Every single time we meet other smallholders we are always bowled over by how helpful, knowledgeable and passionate they are about what they do. I guess the smallholder way of life is to do what you love – and it shows at Camddwr Poultry. We’ve visited John and Cath a few times to collect various birds for our smallholding (they even supplied our Christmas turkeys) and they’re always so pleased to help and answer any questions we have.

We recently lost one of our ducks to what we think was a mink :( So after reviewing and improving the enclosure where they live we went over to Camddwr on the other side of Aberystwyth to collect a few more ducks to keep our solitary girl company (When we lost her sister she quacked solidly until the new ducks arrived).

John and Cath were so helpful – giving us advice on which ducks to have and we now have a male in the mix – with a view to breeding some of our own. Everytime we embark on a new venture on the smallholding it always helps knowing that we have some experts on the end of the phone willing to help. So thank you  Camddwr Poultry and we’ll no doubt be back to see you soon! :)

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