Success at last!

This weekend we returned home from the most awesome wedding (Congrats Jo and Dan) to find the polytunnel was going crazy! We’ve had a bit of success with growing food over the last couple of years but this year is by far the best! I think we’re learning!

Already this year we’ve been enjoying broad beans and strawberries, and this week we’ve started harvesting cucumbers – they’re amazing. Tonight we’ll be pickling some of them to go in salads and burgers! Yum!!!! :)

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IMG_2528 IMG_2529 IMG_2530


The Whole Hog!

Weddings, festivals or parties – you name it we’ll be there. We now do hog roasts so if you fancy a hot pork bap, topped with apple sauce and stuffing then give us a call.  – 07958 316797 or email adam@writegood.co.uk

We recently had a fantastic day at the Slater’s Arms in Corris roasting a beautiful hog – read all about it in the latest issue of Country Smallholding Magazine.

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Gobble gobble! 

This year we’re raising Turkey’s as gifts for our friends and family. They are absolutely great to keep and we’ve loved having them around.

They’re so friendly and the colourings are incredible – they kind of shimmer and change colour in different lights.

IMG_1845 IMG_1852 IMG_1856 IMG_1857


Pretty things in the polytunnel

No news , just nice pics… :)

IMG_1197 IMG_1189 IMG_1199 IMG_1180

Name those ducks!

Recently at the Aberystwyth county show, we picked up a couple of ducks. These bulshy broads have quickly taken over the garden and we’re planning on using them to keep the slugs at bay. It’s permaculture baby!

These guardians of the garden need names! Any thoughts? – if so jump over to our facebook page and give us some ideas. In the meantime can you name the famous ducks below?

Unknown Unknown-1 Unknown-4 images Unknown-3 Unknown-5

The latest news!

Well, it seems we’ve been neglecting the website! It turns out running a smallholding, cooking in the local pub, running a writing and PR business and doing the turn arounds in a holiday cottage take up a lot of time.

So apologies for the lack of exciting, dynamic and breathtaking news from life at the Helpless Homestead. Allow me to summarise: pork, bees, polytunnel, ducks, more chickens, selling eggs, more pigs, rain, sun, trailer high-jinks, country shows, lots of cups of tea, lots more beers and a big fat dollop of fun!

For those of you that missed any of that you can check out our shenanigans with some back issues of www.countrysmallholding.com

In the meantime we’ll untangle our thoughts, find the lead that connects the camera to the computer (it’s in the infamous ‘electrical leads’ box that resembles a box of snakes) and start filling you in on what you’ve missed.

We know you’re waiting with baited breath so put the kettle on and we’ll be right back. :)

The Tamworth Two!

Our first pigs.

We’re a couple of weeks away from sending these guys to the pig pen in the sky (euphemisms are commonplace around here at the moment!) so here’s some pics of them looking awesome! We couldn’t have had a better couple of pigs first time round. They’ve been friendly, chatty and a joy to interact with! Thanks piggies.

Our ‘new’ trailer

Following on from our visit to Bramble Farm in Bristol we decided it was time to push things along a bit so, in anticipation for getting some pigs, we’ve been scouring the land for a cheap cattle trailer and ta dah!

Here it is….she may be old and in need of some TLC but she’s ours!!

Next item on our neverending list is a pig ark.



Country Smallholding Magazine

Hello world! An exciting week for us this week! Our story is now a feature in Country Smallholding Magazine. We’re going to ask the readers and experts for help and advice and let everyone know how we’re getting on too!

Hopefully our questions will be relevant to anyone wanting to grow or raise there own food at home.

The first issue came out last week and already lots of lovely people have contacted us to wish us luck and even offer some tips!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’ve got any hints, would like to talk about getting started yourselves, or if you’d just like to see how we’re doing. You can also pick up a copy of the magazine here.

Grooming time

Before the move we used to have a lovely dog groomer around the corner from where we lived. We’d drop the dogs off on the way to work and then pick them up on the way home, trimmed, neat and clean. Simple.

Now, in the wilds of Wales it’s time to man up and do everything ourselves! Henry and Jenna, it’s time for a home hair cut!

Take 2 shaggy dogs…

add one set of clippers…

throw in a pinch of chaos…

…and 4 hours later, voila! The smartest hounds on the block – they hate us so much right now!

Getting to work!

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